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Philosophie (360)

" L’idée d’un sens commun "

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" L’idée d’un sens commun " - Un article publié dans la revue Philosophia Scientiae, Paris, 2002, Vol. 6, Cahier 2, L’usage anthropologique du principe de charité, sous la direction d’Isabelle Delpla, éditions Kimé, pp. 147-161.

This paper attempts to locate current theories about the “ principle of charity ” within a tradition of thought dealing with the anthropological problem : what is the right way to gain an understanding of other languages, other cultures, other languages ? Traditionally, the answer has been provided by a philosophical doctrine of common sense (all human beings share the same forms of exercising their rational powers). Quine’s radical translator and Davidson’s radical interprator belong to such a tradition, which does not seem to take into account the facts of human diversity. However, a common sense philosophy inspired by Vico and Wittgenstein should be able to make room both for “ charity ” (by means of a general common sense shared by all human beings) and for the diversity of forms of life (expressed in local particular common senses within each culture).

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